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BioFerti – Top Quality Products in the Organic Fertilizer Industry

At BioFerti we take pride in being the leader in the organic fertilizer and soil amendments industry, and in the extensive line of products that we produce for a variety of different grower industries. You’ll also be glad to know, with every product we make, we also focus on manufacturing those products for as low a cost as possible, to make them as affordable as possible for our customers.

It’s with these two things in mind, excellent products at excellent prices, BioFerti continues to deliver 100% organic fertilizers and soil amendment products of the highest quality to our customers around the globe.

Who We Are, and What We Stand For

The Three Pillars of Value that support and exemplify our organization are these; Compassion, Innovation and Sustainability. Following these three values to the letter is our promise to all of our customers, as well as delivering the very best technology, and resources, for agriculturists around the world. We want our products to bring them success, and indeed our products do just that by bringing life back to their lifeless soil.

The fact is, we realize and truly understand that growers demand greener products that deliver higher yields, and can do it for a lower cost. Our promise is to deliver those products, and help our customers to new levels of success, both today and well into the future.

In short, at BioFerti, we deliver results, not gimmicks or empty promises.

BioFerti and You: Working Together to Keep Soil Healthy, and Crops Plentiful

BioFerti microbes and other microorganisms work together to do several beneficial things for the soil.

Increase the availability of nutrients that plants can access and use

Promote overall plant health

Support plant’s natural disease resistance

Promote development of stronger, healthier roots

Help create and build a strong foundation of organic matter

The soil is alive. Right below our feet and invisible to the naked eye are tiny, powerful microbes. Microbes are the great digesters of the earth and they constantly break down organic materials into more usable forms that plant roots can identify, absorb, and ultimately incorporate for new growth. The presence of microbes ensures that nutrients are made available to plants at a steady rate. Often times, we focus on feeding the plant and not the soil. The outcome is we lose all the benefits that microbes contribute.

BioFerti feeds the soil, thus allowing for better nutrient uptake and resulting in healthier plants and larger crops.

Our Mission:
Healthy Soil that produces
Healthy Food for Healthy People

Here’s a fact; if the soil is healthy and full of nutrition, the plants, fruits and vegetables that grow in it will be healthy and full of nutrition and, in turn, the people who eat those plants, fruits and vegetables will be healthy as well.

At BioFerti we don’t try to change nature but instead work hand-in-hand with her genius, so that healthier, more bountiful crops are the result.

By fully supporting an organic, sustainable approach to agriculture, BioFerti helps to promote better health for people, animals and the environment. Even more, our research promotes a better and deeper understanding of the soil, how it works, and what it needs to be healthy and vibrant.

Our sustainable solutions are meeting the challenges of feeding a hungry, and growing, world, and we have dedicated ourselves to rise to the challenge every single day, for the health of the planet and her inhabitants everywhere.