Product Description

BioFertiᵀᴹ – BIOGRO is a natural liquid soil enhancer that boosts the efficacy of most nutrient programs due to its catalytic blend of 100% organic proteins, key amino acids, and sequential chain of microbial organisms. These components work with plants to form a nutritive “root refuge” which improves germination, root growth, stimulates biological activity in soils, and provides essential major plant nutrients. It is an excellent fit for systems-based management approaches for productive and sustainable agriculture.


  • Immediately delivers primary nutrients (NPK) and renders them readily accessible for plant roots
  • Furnishes a premium-selected sequential chain of sustainable, life-giving microbes for continuing soil and plant health
  • Stimulates significant bio-mass (root) growth which is essential for plant health and growth
  • Enhances plant BRIX levels (sugars) to enrich the bio-available food source for soil microbes
  • Remediates salinity and heavy metal contamination in soils
  • Improves water retention (by expanding the root system) and increases drought tolerance
  • Balances pH in acid or alkaline conditions for optimal nutrient uptake
  • Maintains a C:N Ratio (Carbon & Nitrogen) by activating microbes to release nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and zinc to crops
  • Boosts chlorophyll content in leaves to invigorate the photosynthesis process
  • Acts as a powerful prophylactic by preventing harmful Rhizoctonia and fusarium spores from germinating.
  • Is comprised of 100% eco-friendly elements, which are non-toxic and are safe to use around children, adults, pets, and livestock