Product Description

BioFertiᵀᴹ – BIOROOT is an organic granular biofertilizer slow release that contains primary, secondary, and micro-nutrients, organic matter with available organic nitrogen sources, biostimulant, advance biological, humic acid, fulvic acid, mineral elements to stimulate microbial activity in plant growth, and beneficial microorganisms throughout the growing season, no matter the crop or condition of the soil. Our product improves the bio-geochemical process such as carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, mineralization, and decomposition. It has the ability to hold, convert, stabilize and increase nitrogen in the soil. This product is easy to use for broadcasting as a direct nutrient contact to seeds and roots across the entire field.


• Stimulate biological activity by increasing microbial colony.
• Stimulate plant growth and increased yield
• Deliver primary nutrient source of food for plants
• Remediate salinity and heavy metal contamination in soils
• Regulate pH in acid or alkaline conditions
• Increases BRIX levels
• Increase organic matter and Carbon source
• Increase Chlorophyll Content
• Enhance natural defenses
• Improve water retention
• Improve soil structure