BIOFERTI® advance microbial biofertilizer and biorational organic probiotic pesticides fungicide and nematicide.

Have you ever wondered why certain flowers, trees, and other vegetation grow while others do not?

Perhaps you’ve been walking through a forest and noticed how tall the trees are, and amazed at its ecosystem thriving and you’re reminded of your own farms.

Many people who grow their own crops ponder this thought and look for solutions to improve their yields.

There are numerous variables to consider, one of the most important is the soil in which the vegetation is growing.

Did you know that there is more life beneath the soil’s surface than above it? There are 50 billion microbes in a single tablespoon of soil.

Plants are naturally protected from pests and diseases by microbes that live in the soil. They are also required for the conversion of nitrogen and other nutrients into forms that plants can use for growth.

Microbes, which are invisible to the naked eye, are essential to healthy soils because they influence its structure (or tilth) and fertility.

Microbes play an important role in organic matter decomposition and the cycling of nutrients and water to our plants and crops. Decaying organic matter provides energy for microorganisms to grow and carbon for the formation of new cells.

Microbes aid in the breakdown of organic matter by releasing essential nutrients and carbon dioxide into the soil, fixing nitrogen, and converting nutrients into mineral forms that plants can use through a process known as mineralization.

Furthermore, as these microbes move through the soil, they aerate it, aiding in the improvement of soil drainage and structure.

The “living soil” is one of the most valuable ecosystems on the planet because of the role microbes play in the environment, helping to regulate the climate, mitigate droughts and floods, and filter water.

As a result, these microbes allow new life to develop thus completing the circle of life.

BioFerti understands how critical it is to maintain a healthy foundation in order to maximize crop yield.

The issue is that in today’s society, we unintentionally deconstruct the natural microorganisms that are most beneficial to the future sustainability of any harvest through modern agricultural methods.

This deconstruction of our soil’s natural state results in the complete removal of all beneficial microorganisms that live in the soil and help plants thrive.

When this occurs, plant life becomes more vulnerable to negative effects such as diseases and pests.

What Role Does BioFerti Play?

We are committed to restoring the soil’s essential microorganisms in order to create environmentally friendly and sustainable farming.

As a result of this, we have come to recognize and appreciate the functionality of these microorganisms, and we have incorporated the beneficial aspects of them into our products.

Our products contain a variety of rich dynamic inputs such as Bacteria, Fungi, Actinobacteria, Protozoa, and Algae, all of which are essential for creating a healthy soil environment in which crops can thrive.

Bioferti Commitment

When our products are used, our customers place their faith in the attention paid to their soil’s microbiological needs, as every geographic location requires these diverse microorganisms to alleviate the stress of high yield demands.

What else do Bioferti products offer?

We apply advanced technology to provide balanced formulas of full-spectrum bio-fertilizers and biostimulants that not only offer specially selected beneficial microorganisms but also a growth boost package containing proprietary nutrients that will fulfill the plant’s needs at every single growth stage. Bioferti’s goal is to enhance crop health and increase yield while preserving soil quality and productivity! We provide a solution to combat the overuse of chemical fertilizers and growing the same crops for many years.

So what is included in the Bioferti growth boost package?

Our proprietary growth boost package is an energy-rich blend of bioactive substances that works to revitalize and feed the soil-plant complex so the plants thrive and microbes have the energy to perform their functions effectively. The combined variety of biostimulant materials are to provide a synergy of benefits including:

  • Macronutrients (N-P-K) & micronutrients –derived from an organic source and proprietarily blended. When crops are harvested, the nutrients follow the crop. Important nutrients are, therefore removed from the soil. Often the soil is not able to replenish all the nutrients by itself, that is where our product supplies the nutrients that are lacking; while our microbes work to increase soil nutrient availability by transforming unavailable nutrients into bioavailable forms for plant uptake.
  • Essential minerals & vitamins mined from the Earth – support the plant symbiotic cycle.
  • Natural plant hormones– added to increased stress resistance and aid in root development.
  • Vital source of sugar and protein– supplied in a ready-uptake as fuel for plants vigor.
  • All organic synthesized plant materials – for a broad spectrum of micronutrients and aid root development.
  • Amino acid-derived from ocean plants– improve the beneficial microflora by strengthening the outer walls, allowing them to withstand harsh conditions. Happier, stronger microbial colonies help produce better nutrient uptake, as well as a more extensive and healthy root system, that can fight diseases and maintain effectiveness in adverse environmental conditions. Amino acids also are amazing chelators. They can be activators or precursors to beneficial growth auxins and phytohormones.
  • Organic carbon source – for improved soil structure and increased nutrient uptake.  The soil needs to be opened up to energize the microbes and amend the soil with organic matter that has decomposed as far as possible.


BioFerti, whether used alone or in combination with other products, promotes plant health and is safe to use on any type of crop.

Our products can do the following:

  • Protect and rehabilitate the soil in order to improve crop yield.
  • Minimize negative environmental effects.
  • Make plants more resistant to plant diseases and pests.
  • Heal and safeguard the soil for future crop generations.
  • Decompose organic matter efficiently, increasing carbon and nutrient bioavailability in the soil.
  • Reducing metabolic stress and maximizing genetic capacity.
  • Increased Brix levels result in better-tasting crops.
  • Improve the soil’s moisture retention capacity to increase drought resistance while decreasing irrigation.
  • Promote the development of micronutrients such as iron, which plants can use.
  • A reduction in the cost of nitrogen-based fertilizers.
  • Manage and reduce soil salinity and heavy metals.
  • Improve seed germination by increasing strong root vitality.
  • Produce reliable results over the course of the crop cycle
  • Increased crop yield production efficiency, resulting in increased profit generation.
  • Provide a diverse and proportionate population of microbes that improve biochemical processes such as the carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, mineralization, phytohormone production, pH balance, and decomposition.
  • It’s easy to use and is non-toxic, non-GMO and Environment friendly.

Other leading brands pale in comparison to our product. We are unique in that we deliver the microorganisms and advance nutrients needed in the soil using cutting-edge Microbial Technology and high-tech nutrient.

We are unique in that we deliver the microorganisms needed in the soil using cutting-edge Microbial Technology. regardless of the soil’s pre-existing condition for the duration of the growing season

Our products help to maintain the soil’s quality for long-term use while also helping to replenish the soil’s life the way mother nature intended.

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